Raleigh, NC – Think NC First, a nonpartisan policy and message development think tank that serves as a reliable source of evidence-based research for policy makers and thought leaders, today announced the release of North Carolina Roadmap 2025. North Carolina Roadmap 2025 is a program designed to develop a forward-looking vision with policy options for North Carolina’s future leaders and decision makers to consider.

“We are proud to have brought together business and community leaders as well as policy experts to craft a menu of policy ideas for North Carolina,” said Justin Guillory, Executive Director of Think NC First. “Now we are inviting the public to weigh in on these ideas and start a healthy, forward-looking dialogue about the future of North Carolina.”

Roadmap 2025 has been developed in two phases. The first phase brought together community leaders and policy experts. The second phase, a public phase, is an open-source approach to policy development. Through the website nc-roadmap.org, Think NC First has created a structure for gathering input from people across North Carolina that will help Think staff broaden, deepen, and revise the policy proposals.

Predicated on the idea that focused, effective action can strengthen our civic institutions, build crucial infrastructure, and make North Carolina a more inviting place to live and work, Roadmap 2025 offers policy recommendations as a starting point for discussion. With sound ideas and the research to back them up, our leaders can map out a better future for all North Carolinians.

“We live in a tougher and more competitive world, a world that demands new ideas and renewed energy from our leaders. We can’t be satisfied with lowered expectations and a narrow vision,” said Guillory. “We need a different path, a new direction that builds on the strengths of our state and prepares our people for the opportunities ahead. We need a new roadmap to guide us into the future.”

Think NC First will be hosting a series of forums across North Carolina, featuring a panel of policy experts and inviting the public for a conversation. Events are currently scheduled in Greenville and Asheville, with additional events being planned.

June 15, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Sheppard Memorial Library, 530 Evans Street, Greenville

June 24, 8:30-10:00 am
Collider, 1 Haywood Street, Suite 401, Asheville