Whether you’ve come to us hungry for new policy analysis or just stumbled onto our website, let us take a minute to explain who we are and what we are trying to do.

The amazing success story that turned North Carolina into a fast-growing, dynamic and much-envied state was no accident. North Carolina earned a reputation for innovation and as a leader, not a follower, on public policy. The modern North Carolina was built by smart, forward-thinking leaders from both the public and private sectors that were wise enough to invest in our people and not just use them as a means to an end.

But in the last few years, that’s been lost.

We used to solve our problems through rich policy debates, thoughtful study, and evidence-based research. Now it seems we’ve retreated to our ideological safe zones and resorted to pulling talking points off the ALEC shelf or out of some “free-market” playbook.

To get North Carolina moving forward again, we cannot look longingly to our past, but we have to plan for the future.

We’ve got to put our thinking caps on and we can’t be afraid or intimidated by smart new ideas. That’s where Think NC First comes in.

We want to play our part in the future of North Carolina, by highlighting the work of the best scholars and policy experts on topics relevant to the current political debate. More than that, we’ve got to find the best ways to communicate those ideas, making them accessible to anyone who cares about the future of our great state.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we believe that we can improve the public debate by being a resource, asking the right questions, sparking debate and training our eyes on the future.

We hope you take the time to explore our website and read some of our offerings. We hope you keep coming back. Most of all, we hope you find this new project as exciting as we do! 

Justin Guillory
Executive Director