In 2012, the Kansas legislature cut individual tax rates by 25 percent, and repealed the state tax on sole proprietorships. In 2013, state lawmakers voted to cut taxes even more by gradually lowering tax rates over the next five years. Governor Brownback strongly supported these efforts to cut their way to a stronger economy. Here are five charts that show how well that's going. 

1. Kansas’s tax cuts sharply decreased tax revenue. 

Tax revenue

* Forbes, 7/15/14

2. The tax cuts have wiped out Kansas’s budget surplus.

* Vox, 7/8/14 

3. To finance the tax cuts, Kansas has also been forced to cut back on education spending..

* Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 3/27/14

4. Tax cuts aren’t improving Kansas’s economy either - job growth is lagging. 

* Washington Post, 6/27/14 

5. Kansas even lags behind its neighbors in job growth.

* Kansas Values Institute, 5/23/14 

And here's a bonus chart - Republican Governor Brownback is losing—in Kansas.


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