A new poll released this week from the NC Early Childhood Foundation finds strong evidence that North Carolina voters remain committed to investing in early childhood education. 

Key findings: 

  • North Carolinians rate early childhood education as a top priority
  • 74% support expanding access to NC Pre-K and Smart Start
  • 88% support investing in pre-school and early elementary teacher training
  • A majority of Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters support both programs

In recent years, funding for early childhood programs like Smart Start and NC Pre-K have fallen and with a potential $1 billion budget shortfall looming in 2015, these programs may be on the chopping block once again.  

This poll, and the debate over early childhood education, shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle during election season and more importantly, it should be a top priority during the NCGA’s 2015 long session.

For more, check out the polling presentation, fact sheets and infographics.